About Anglo East

Who Are We?

Anglo East Was Established by Samantha Ennis in 2014 & Specialises in tailoring livestock demands for Customer needs of the Feedlot and Food processing industries across Europe, North Africa, Occidental and Eastern Europe.

A wealth of experience and developed systems allows the Company to sustain a supply chain and turn key operation for both Livestock and Processed Chilled meat requirements controlled in-house by experienced staff.

The service is not simply focused at trade and supply only but can store and integrate months of forward supply in the vast storage and housing facilities which are EU Export approved to gauarnatee repeat supply of homogenous products, livestock and services.

By Being involved from the farm gate to the end user of the process, Anglo East has a vested interest and capacity to supply and sustain the needs of dependent non-discretionary purchasing needs for Livestock and Meat tailored to comply and gaurantee the highest welfare and cultural standards.

This early involvement right through from Farm to Fork allows Anglo East to Ensure that Livestock welfare standards are at all times observed ensuring full traceability and Food Hygene and Safety whilst mainting focus on any Ritual or Cultural requirements.

Why Anglo East?

Anglo East works closely with modern vessels to guarantee shortest sea crossing with modern system to the highest welfare standards for Larger consignments.

The Fleet is Modern and developed from years of experience gained in handling livestock for Breeding and production over the many years.

Proven systems ensuring the Highest animal welfare and food safety standards are observed and integrated into the operational and Quality Management practices at Anglo East.

Anglo East Ltd.